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We build our team on trust, transparency, positive experience, constant improvement and fun

Our core is skillreveal.io platform that unites employers, talents & experts to collaborate on job opportunities as one team:

      For Employers: it’s a platform to find, assess and precisely fit technical talents to a team. As a result, talent successfully stays with the team longer.
      For Talents: it’s a platform to assess, improve and map technical skills to an industry benchmark. As a result, get better jobs and career opportunities.
      For Experts: it’s a platform to find and assess technical talents using everyday language and community expertise. It’s a way for Experts to earn rewards and reputation for their contribution to the community.

Unlike the regular recruiting approach, Skillreveal relies on in-depth assessment to get professional and cultural fit.

Our experts are independent, experienced IT professionals who are passionate about evaluating talents. They are equipped with an open-source knowledge model, best practices, guidelines, and infrastructure to deliver consistency and quality.

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